for Donna, regarding Serrapeptase

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Fri Aug 10 18:03:16 2007

From: [] On Behalf Of Christine Avendano Sent: Saturday, August 04, 2007 1:36 AM Subject: for Donna, regarding Serrapeptase

Hi Donna, Who did you order your Serrapeptase from?  I originally ordered it from "Physician's Formula", then from another company that claimed to have the highest dose of serrapeptase, and most recently "Doctor's Best" which I ordered through vitacost.  I have to say I felt the most radical results from Physician's Formula, even though it says each tablet is 20,000 IU vs. 90,000 IU from the company that said it has the highest dose.  Was it because the first brand quelled all the inflammation?  I don't know!  I am thrilled with Serrapeptase, but I'm at a loss to determine which company sells the best product.  I was taking 3 of Physician's Formula several times a day initially.  I am still taking Serrapeptase, and plan on taking it forever, but I wish there were some comparison studies of the brands!  Where are you getting your serrapeptase from?  It would be great to compare notes!


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