Re: My Myleogram & X-rays

From: Marie Gray (
Fri Aug 10 18:02:53 2007

At Mon, 18 Feb 2002, paula wrote: >
>Hi there Jean
>I am going to have a myleogram for the first time and after looking up
>details of this test I am certain that it's not very pleasant. Can you
>advise of any questions I should ask the neurosurgeon about it. I've
>read about problems such as extreme pain and aracanioditis. WHat should
>I do to prepare for it? ANy advice would be appreciated.
>Thanks Paula
>At Wed, 10 Oct 2001, Jean Long wrote:
>>My Myleogram went allot better than I expected. The pain was definitely
>>much better this time, last time it was unbearable.
>>MUCH better than the Discography and I had Morphine for that one but
>>only Darvocet for this, and that was 3 hours before the test.
>>I did have a problem though.......I either did or almost passed out when
>>the dye built up in my head.
>>I know I kept thinking it will soon be over as I was feeling more & more
>>faint so I didn't tell him how I felt.
>>I don't remember, but all of a sudden I was aware of smelling salts
>>under my nose.
>>He had to put it back under my nose about 4 or 5 times until I was ok
>>again. He said I had been talking Gibberish and got white as a ghost.
>>He said he can't believe I reacted to it like that after all I have been
>>through in the past.
>>Oh well, I can't control dizziness.
>>I told him I think my body is just worn out from everything it has been
>>through and saying enough is enough!
>>He was actually very nice today, maybe I had him on a bad day before.
>>Hi there
>>They also did a Cat Scan of my back and multiple X-rays of my back,
>>thigh & hip.
>>I was in the hospital from 7:30 this morning until 2:00 this afternoon.
>>Now I am really tired and still kinda woozy
>> & a little sick on my stomach but I'm not allowed to lay down until at
>>least 8:00 tonight.
>>I am suppose to be resting though and must drink lots of water to flush
>>the dye out.
>>I decided to print that invitation order first now that the printer
>>works so that is off my mind.
>>I can imagine what my blood pressure was while I was feeling faint
>>because when all the tests were over and I was feeling good again they
>>took it and it was only 91/41. I usually run low but not THAT low.
>>My normal is 90/60, or sometimes when feeling really good or upset
>>The bottom number is never that low except directly after something like
>>my hip surgery where I lost allot of blood etc.
>>Now I just have to wait until I go for my doctor appointments to know
>>the results and what my options are.
>>One good thing and also a weird thing.......people tend to get
>>constipated after the Myleogram, MY bowels finally OPENED (LOL)!!
>>Maybe my back is related to the worsening constipation problem, seems
>>strange to me?
>>"SMILE........It confuses people!"

Hi, after reading your letter, I have become somewhat scared. I am scheduled
for a Myleogram on Tuesday the 7th of Aug.   Ihave terrible low back pain,
Two MRI's have not been inconclusive.  They are going to do a Myleogram and
CT scan to see anything further.  Hope I don't experience too much pain.
Would like to be asleep, but don't think that will happen.  Please reply and
let me know how you are doing.

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