Re: Update on my Excruciating Rectal Pain

From: MJ Franco (
Fri Aug 10 18:03:52 2007

Just wondering if you could tell me how the recovery was from your colon resection surgery. My husband is scheduled for the 22nd.

At Fri, 23 Jan 2004, Debbie wrote: >
>Hi Jayne
>I felt compelled to reply to your post as our stories are incredibly
>I've had a horribly painful sigmoidoscopy, one that could not be
>completed due to the level of pain I was experiencing. It sounds like
>this is what happened to you with your colonoscopy. I was horrified and
>disgusted when I read how your doctor treated you. Have you considered
>reporting him?
> adhesions are due to endometriosis. I have had trouble with
>bowel adhesions for as long as I've known about my endo which is about
>17 years.
>I have suffered with rectal pain, pain with bowel movements, lower left
>quadrant pain, chronic constipation etc., etc. A couple of years ago I
>went through a bout of constipation that went on for 17 days. Eventually
>when I was unable to have a bm on my own and started having a lot of
>accompanying nausea and vomiting my doctor ordered me to go to the
>emergency room. There I was given a high powered enema that finally got
>things moving but of course that was only treating the symptoms, not the
>I underwent extensive bowel studies to try and figure out what the
>problem was. I was diagnosed with redundant bowel just as you have
>been. I had marked redundancy and tortuosity at the sigmoid colon as
>well as portions of the descending colon. Redundant bowel is indeed
>extra bowel and many times it forms extra loops which can be constricted
>by adhesions if they are present. In my case the extra loops were in
>the shape of a pretzel and folded backwards on themselves. Eventually I
>had a double bowel resection surgery. There was one portion of bowel
>removed at the sigmoid colon, to remove the redundant loops of bowel,
>and the second portion was removed on the small bowel, at the terminal
>ileum, due to full thickness endometriosis.

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