Re: for Donna, regarding Serrapeptase

From: Shali (
Tue Aug 14 19:47:42 2007

Donna - If you ordered from Healthy something or other, I had a bad experience by day 5 [increased obstruction]. Not bad IF its causing cleansing/detox reactions. I have since returned that product and ordered elsewhere. Not doing so well as I speak. Shali

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>Christine Avendano
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>Subject: for Donna, regarding Serrapeptase
>Hi Donna,
>Who did you order your Serrapeptase from? I originally ordered it from
>"Physician's Formula", then from another company that claimed to have the
>highest dose of serrapeptase, and most recently "Doctor's Best" which I
>ordered through vitacost. I have to say I felt the most radical results
>from Physician's Formula, even though it says each tablet is 20,000 IU vs.
>90,000 IU from the company that said it has the highest dose. Was it
>because the first brand quelled all the inflammation? I don't know! I am
>thrilled with Serrapeptase, but I'm at a loss to determine which company
>sells the best product. I was taking 3 of Physician's Formula several
times >a day initially. I am still taking Serrapeptase, and plan on taking it
>forever, but I wish there were some comparison studies of the brands!
Where >are you getting your serrapeptase from? It would be great to compare
notes! >

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