Re: Adhesions in liver and pancreas

From: Rosetta Miller (
Fri Jul 27 18:45:24 2007

Original Message >Hi,
>I have always suffer from constipation. After several colonoscopies,
endoscopies, MRIs, Cat scan, barium enema, it was determined that I suffer from mild gastritis, diverticulitis, GERD, and a hiatal hernia. I had problem digesting food and pills/capsules. I take liquid vitamins and protein, and I also follow a low residue diet. >I had a hysterectomy on July 1992, ovaries weren't removed, and 3
laparascopies after that because I always felt pain in my lower right side. I can feel a mass. My last lap showed that I have adhesions in my liver and pancreas. I feel a pull down of my intestines most of the time. In this board most of the adhesion sufferers speak about a pull up and I wonder whether anyone feels a pull down. It is an awful experience. I have to place to my right hand below my stomach to lift up my intestines when walking up and down the staircase and also when sitting down. Is my case unique or somebody share my problem? >

Reply by Rosetta:

Hi Vinky and Christine, I am a 47 year old female. I can sympathize with both of you. I have suffered from adhesions for most of my life. Vinky, you talk about a pulling up sensation. I know what you are saying. My pain pulled both up, and down at the same time. I also had a lot of gas and bloating. Vinky, you also talk about a diet the Mayo Clinic has you on. I was also at the Mayo Clinic, they could not figure out what my problem was. They send me home with a prescription for painkillers and high fiber diet. I have a lot of respect for the Mayo Clinic, but I was not happy with that. I just had a laparoscopic surgery to remove the adhesions on my liver and throughout my abdomen. The surgeon said, "If I would have decided to live on painkiller I would not have had a good quality of life." Therefore, my advice to you is, if you are sure that you have adhesions on your liver, find a surgeon who is willing to do laparoscopic surgery. I would also advice you to look into a therapy that I had that helped a lot. This therapy helped a lot in relieving my pain and gas. You can find information about this therapy at This therapy is known for having done wonders for many people. I pray you find the help you need to live a life with quality. Rosetta Miller

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