Florida Hospital/Celebration Health

From: Ron/Barbara Paul (DWRon@aol.com)
Fri Jul 27 18:46:26 2007

After a recent CT of her abdomen and pelvis, my wife's surgeon could not find any cause for the horrible, localized tugging pain she gets above her navel, espcially after bowel movements. He does not want to operate and suggested we continue with pain management.

Being that the pain seems to be of unknow etiology (for about 12 years now), we are considering going to Florida Hospital/Celebration Health to see if they can find the cause and provide relief. Dr. Redan operated on her in 2000 and she had about 5 years of relief (with some episodes lasting only 2-3 days).

We wanted to know if anyone has gone to Florida Hospital/Celebration Health & Dr. Redan to seek help with their pain. We wanted to know about their experience and how successful they were in diagnosing and treating their pain. Thanks, Ron & Barbara Paul

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