Need a primary care doctor in San Antonio-Diet info

From: Donna DeSoto (
Fri Jul 27 18:44:14 2007

I have severe adhesions problems with two major surgeries for adhesions since Nov06. I have a great adhesion surgeon Dr. Clark Gerhart who has saved my life, but I need to find a primary care doctor or GI doctor in San Antonio, TX area who will work with Dr Gerhart who is in PA. My current doctors don't believe I need to have surgery or go to Dr Gerhart.

I am so frustrated with the lack of education most physicians have-with patients with adhesions. These doctors I have seen not only want me to believe I am crazy- not sick-but are now even wanting to get rid of me as their patient. These same doctors dumped me and discharged me from the hospital when I was vomiting and could not eat or drink. I found Dr. Clark Gerhart on the internet or I wouldn't be alive today.

I also am struggling with finding a diet. Dieticians are almost as bad.

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