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From: Marlene Wheeler (
Fri Jul 27 18:43:53 2007

I know exactly how you feel. Don't give up hope. Where are you? I had to take over myself to get the care I needed about 2 years ago. All my Docs here couldn't(wouldn't ) do anything. Through talking to people on this sight, and another site I was able to do a lot of research myself. I checked out several Doctors around the country that specifically

deal with adhesions. I knew their had to be some hope, and I wasn't willing to give up.(being a nurse and an OR nurse at that probobly helped.) I ended up with a specialist in Pa. I'm certain that God sent me there, I may not have lived it if it weren't for him. The docs here had let me go too long. I'm doing so much better now. No I'm not 100% ,due to the damage to my bowel

from waiting so long here, and I'm still in pain management, but I'm off the

heavy duty drugs, and living my life as best I can. I feel 90% better than I

did 2 years ago, and am moving on with my life. Good Luck. Email me if you need to talk Marlene

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>I have had 8 abdominal surgries since I was 16, I'm now 32. I was
>dignosed with Endo. at 16 had it since I was 12. I had 4 laporoscopies
>for that. I had a C-section in 2002, Hysterectomy in 2004, Had another
>Lap. in Nov. '06 and found many many adhesions. My bowel was stuck to
>vaginal cuff with very thick adheions over it. Dr. said that the
>adhesions were very thick and hard to cut. A month later went to ER and
>found that I had a intra-abdominal abcess. I had to have a Laporotmy in
>Dec.'06. When they got in had 3 abcess and 2 spots of the omentum dead.
>Jan. '07 went to ER and had another abcess. Was admited for 4 days why
>they did another minor surgry to drain it. Well, I now have adhesions
>agian worse than ever. I go atleast 5 days with no bowel movements. I'm
>in painmanagement now, wich does help to a point. My pain on the famos
>pain scale is at 9 with the pain meds. Without them it's at what I call
>20 out of 10! I have lost all of my friends because of this. " I bring
>everyone down because I'm in pain so I say" " I just want attention"
>Well, no I just want someone to understand how it feels when you are in
>so much pain you can't get out of bed! I didn't ask for all of this, and
>would trade it for anything! I can't find any support groups in my area!
>I just need to talk with people that do understand!
>Thank you for leting me get this out!

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