Re: Spagetti Adhesions

From: Bonnie (
Fri Jul 27 18:40:09 2007

At Mon, 23 Jul 2007, Connie Knight wrote: >
>My niece who is early 40's has had a chronic condition for the past 10
>years. She went to the Bahama's for her honeymoon and shortly after
>returning home she began to have symptoms like a stomach flu with
>diarrhea and stomach cramps. Food would literally pass right through
>her. She has been to many doctors and eventually had many surgeries
>these past 10 years, and now they are telling her she has spagetti
>adhesions that wrap around her intestines. They will do surgery to
>remove them but they grow right back. This poor woman spends most of
>her time in the hospital. It is heartbreaking for our family, not only
>because she is so ill but because the quality of her life has become
>nil. She feels too bad to do anything but lie on the couch or in bed.
>She has always been a very active and vital person and to see her
>reduced to this is unbearable. She has episodes of water retention and
>she swells up like a balloon. I believe the main problem is she is
>going to the same doctor now and he is inexperienced in treating her
>condition. Surely there is someone that is more knowledgable in this
>area. She lives in Florida and has even been to Shands but got no
>positive results. I would greatly appreciate any information on this
>condition and any treatment if any, to prevent or slow the growing of
>these adhesions. I have always thought she got some exotic "bug" in the
>thanks~ I just wanted to reply to your letter. I am in my early 40's and
have gone from a super outgoing, cosmetic manager, in love with the world and my friends and family, and a happy loving mom to 3 children, to a severly depressed, constant severe 24 hour pain pathetic shut in from this terrible disorder, or whatever it is called. I have had to leave my job that I loved, I am in so much pain that I do not leave my home, suffering major anxiety, all lost all my friends, most likely have become addicted to oxycontin just to get thru my days, a husband that is ready to fall apart after 24 years of marriage, and 3 children that are mad at me for being sick and not being able to do anything with them anymore, except cry, and sleep, that in a nutshell is my current life, if you can call it that....I do not know who I am anymore, this is a terrible nightmare !!!!! my parents are so sad and are lost as to what to do anymore...It sounds like there are a lot of us out there, in the same situation. Had to let you know you are not alone in what you and your niece are going thru, there are too many of us, it is so sad .....bonnie

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