Re: severe Abdominal Pain

From: Shali (
Fri Jul 27 18:39:27 2007

Had the same problems after my 2005 surgery with fluid build up [still get it] and was throwing up major amounts of fluid. The intestines were SO full of fluid that I could see the shape of them by looking at my stomach. Excruciating, and vicious when it started spasming. What happened was the surgeon squeezed the hypersensitive intestines [creating and exaggerating the functional obstruction] and my intestines went ballastic. This went on for many many months. I dropped from 113 lbs to 89 pounds. I still cant get over 100. Sounds like you have post-operative ileus. I already HAD a functional obstruction [same effects as ileus] and it just was worse afterwards. If its post-operative ileus, which is not an unusual occurrence, it resolves on its own within a month.

No suggestions - I prayed for my death.

>I just had surgery 1 week ago for what we thought was a mass on my
>fallopian tube and ovary 6.8cm, turned out to be adhesions everywhree
>and fluid built up. But now since my surgery my STOMACH hurts. I can
>not eat or drink, I am nauseaed and throwing up all the time. No sleep
>due to the pain. What do I do???
>I called my doctor and they said oh maybe it is a blockage..
>My back aches so bad, I could screa,, I feel like I am going out of my
>mind.... Any suggestions?

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