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Wendy, I have gastroparesis as well, and had a reaction to Reglan - my face started to spasm - yuck.  My doctor sent me to a compounding pharmacy to have a prescription for Domperidone.  For some reason it is used in Europe but not approved in US yet, but a compounding pharmacy makes it.  It is really helping me, although I still eat very small meals and drink a boost daily.  Jennifer

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I've also had too many surgeries for bowel obstructions and adhesion's.  My
last surgery was in June of 2006 and I haven't recovered.  They have never
tried any adhesion barriers on me at all.  I would give almost anything to
have a couple of pain free years.  Up until about two months ago I was
pretty much bedridden because the pain was just so bad that I wanted to
die.  Two months ago my Dr. switched me from percocet to Methadone.  I still
have pain everyday but it's way easier to deal with, so now I do get up and
do what I can.  As if the adhesion's aren't bad enough I have also been
diagnosed as having gastroparesis, and guess what?  There's no cure for that
either and the one drug there is for it has too many side effects for me. 
So Marilyn it's just awesome that you've gotten some relief.
Good luck to you!  I hope you get some relief for a while.  I just hope the
gastroparesis doesn't end up being another fate that ARD sufferers have to
look forward to.  I'm never hungry and I just don't eat much cause it makes
the pain worse. Sometimes it's even very painful to take my medicines.  I
hope this will help my case for Social Security Disability Benefits.  I've
been turned down twice now and filed another appeal and told that it can
take 20-30 months to get an appointment with a disability judge. Sometimes I
could just scream and actually with some of my bowel movements I do scream
cause it's so painful (as bad or even worse than being in labor).  Thanks
for letting me vent here and I hope the next time I have more positive
things to say.

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