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Sat Jul 14 14:12:41 2007

Marilyn, I've also had too many surgeries for bowel obstructions and adhesion's. My last surgery was in June of 2006 and I haven't recovered. They have never tried any adhesion barriers on me at all. I would give almost anything to have a couple of pain free years. Up until about two months ago I was pretty much bedridden because the pain was just so bad that I wanted to die. Two months ago my Dr. switched me from percocet to Methadone. I still have pain everyday but it's way easier to deal with, so now I do get up and do what I can. As if the adhesion's aren't bad enough I have also been diagnosed as having gastroparesis, and guess what? There's no cure for that either and the one drug there is for it has too many side effects for me. So Marilyn it's just awesome that you've gotten some relief. Wendy

Pat, Good luck to you! I hope you get some relief for a while. I just hope the gastroparesis doesn't end up being another fate that ARD sufferers have to look forward to. I'm never hungry and I just don't eat much cause it makes the pain worse. Sometimes it's even very painful to take my medicines. I hope this will help my case for Social Security Disability Benefits. I've been turned down twice now and filed another appeal and told that it can take 20-30 months to get an appointment with a disability judge. Sometimes I could just scream and actually with some of my bowel movements I do scream cause it's so painful (as bad or even worse than being in labor). Thanks for letting me vent here and I hope the next time I have more positive things to say. Wendy

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I would give anything if this were me, I’m probably having surgery next week, keep your fingers crossed!!!! Thanks for the positive email I don’t know about anyone else but I really appreciate hearing something good!!

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Hi, I also have had many operations due to endo,adhesions wrapped around my bowel,bladder,stomach etc. My doctor used Seprafilm on me 5 years ago and I have been practicallly pain free! He also had me start taking a stool softner twice a day and my bowel works great! I know this is not a cure all and at any time this could happen again. But hey, I am enjoying it while it lasts. Marilyn

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hi rosemary i had seprafilm but it is not the cure either, i think maybe that it will be a good thing for some people but others with more extensive adhesions its just an option that doesn't work.

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