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Wed Jun 27 18:12:29 2007

i finally found a really good doctor tat understands that they do cause alot of pain and that i dont' want to take narcs. so were looking at 3 or 4 alternative routes for the time being. The first is to stop the monthly cycle he seems to think that willl reduce some of the pain becuase mine is so abnormail. and if tat doesn't relvie enough of it then were going to look at destroying the linning so i defitnly will not have one anymoreits a surgical procdure but its outpatient and your not totally under and theres no cutting invoveled. that decision will be made in 6 weeks he also mentioned celebrex i think it was for pain. and ive heard other people on here mentionn it as welll. *shrugs* im open to anythig and i finaly have a doctor that listens and in oklahoma thats a rare thing.

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> Subject: RE: Medications to treat ...
> Are you seeing a Pain Doctor? They can be very
> helpful as they deal with
> just the pain aspect, and are very up on what's out
> there. Make sure you get
> someone who understands adhesions and how they work.
> I had to change docs at
> one point, because the first Pain Doc I saw didn't
> believe adhesions caused
> pain.
> Good Luck
> s/

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