Re: Medications to treat ...

Thu Jun 28 19:59:53 2007

No Marlene, I am not. Although I understand that I need to be dealing with one, I am not working or insured. So what we have to go toward the cash price of Dr. visits is just enough to go to my existing family Doc. I get a discount, as I have been a patient with the same medical group for such a long time. My husband makes too much to qualify for assistance, but not enough for us all to be covered through his workplace. Obtaining insurance on our own would require a 9 month waiting period for pre existing condition, so we'd still need to pay cash to Dr and for prescriptions during that 9 months. As he makes too much for state assisted healthcare, we're also off the scale (frighteningly) for the community health care centers and the 'full price' of a visit there is still more than my own Dr.

Thank you though for your input!

At Tue, 26 Jun 2007, Marlene Wheeler wrote: >
>Are you seeing a Pain Doctor? They can be very helpful as they deal with
>just the pain aspect, and are very up on what's out there. Make sure you
get >
>someone who understands adhesions and how they work. I had to change docs
at >
>one point, because the first Pain Doc I saw didn't believe adhesions caused
>Good Luck

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