Re: Pain is back again

From: Miriam (
Wed Jun 27 18:12:46 2007

Hi Dalene,

I am new to the problem of adhesions and it is not I but my husband that seems to be suffering from them. I say seems, because doctors are still running test, etc. He has been suffering with this severe pain for the last 4 years with no real help or relief. In the past, his pain has come and gone with episodes lasting up to 7 hours. This last round of pain has been with him for almost a week straight. Being that we are relatively new to this, can you tell me about the surgical clips. What exactly are they? Is it safe to have them in you, etc? In reading through a GI report that was done on my husband, it states that he has 2 surgical clips and I do not know much about this.

What is making matters worse for us is that we moved to Knoxville, TN less than 2 years ago so all the doctors are new to us and we are still trying to find the "right" one.

If anyone out there is in the Knoxville area and can recommend a good doctor to go to, pain doctor, anyone that can help please let me know. My husband is not even on pain medication yet. His primary physician does not want to "mask the pain" while they are doing test to find out what the problem is.

Please help!


At Mon, 25 Jun 2007, Dalene wrote: > >I work full time and don't want to quit my job.I had surgery last yr and >found out that there are 3 surgical clips in my intestines that were >discovered this yr.I am in alot of pain and have pain medication, but it >last only for a few hrs of relief. I have another appointment with >another surgeon to see what he can do for me. I am now taking liquid >supplements as a meal replacement. I need to give my intestines a rest >for a while. Food for me is the enemy for now and I can't afford to go >on disability. I am currently in a temporary shelter and can't afford >to lose my job too.I need to keep going until the very end.

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