Re: SSI Disability

From: Ms Lee (
Wed Jun 27 18:11:59 2007

There is SSI and there is can go to SSA.GOV and read up on the differences. When you apply for SSDI, they automatically qualify you for SSI which in my case I got turned down, I had more than 2K in checking account.

It is the SSDI you want to win. But, if you have not paid in enough to SSA over the years, you will not qualify. Every now and then SSA sends you a print out of what SSA will pay you at retirement as well as amount to be paid if you become disabled.

It took 20 months to win my case. I just got the news June 7th. They are paying me $1250 a month starting in July. They are paying me $22K retro dating back to when I quit workin June 2005. My lawyers get 25% or $5300 max which ever is greater of my retro which will be $5300. SSA pays them out of my retro money. SSA takes the first 5 months of retro from the date the decide you were disabled [I claimed June 2005] last day of working even tho I applied for SSDI in October 2005

It is very hard to win SSI or SSDI if your STILL working...

Winning SSDI tip from a Judges mouth:

A Social Security Disability case is NOT about a person's medical problems. Instead, the case is about the effect those medical problems have on the person's ability to work. If you can translate the medical record into severe and specific work limitations, I have no choice but to approve your case."

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