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From: Shali (
Sun Jun 3 14:51:28 2007

When you are in obstruction, it doesnt matter anymore. THe last wonderful surgeon left a stricture in there and that has to be addressed and opened up. As it is, Im emergent and I cant survive without eating or eliminating. No one can.

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>I am not sure if you find another surgeon in Phoenix that you are going to
>get better. You might be better for awhile but it will probably come back.
>I don't know if you have gone to a pain management dr to see if you can get
>I have been on here a few years and time after time people just keep going
>for more and more surgery and are still in the same shape or worse.
>They are using spray gel in Germany. I went there. There are people that
>are cured and others that aren't. It is a gamble. I have the adhesions
>back but I believe that I am better off then if I would have went somewhere
>Please do not keep having surgery after surgery. You will just keep
getting >worse. Find who is using Spray Gel and try it or go to a good pain
>management dr.
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>Subject: Surgeon in Phoenix
>Date: Wed, 16 May 2007 17:44:24 -0500
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>>Subject: Surgeon in Phoenix
>>Can someone direct me to a surgeon[s] in Phoenix that I can contact to
>>see if I can get someone to work on me? Ive been thru 8 surgeries and
>>need another immediately. I dont have the energy to weed out the 99%
>>who wont help. Thank you, Shali

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