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What is emergent? What I am trying to say is I have been on this site for quite a few years now and I have seen it over and over people going through multiple surgeries to get rid of adhesions and they just get worse.  And if they could, they would go back and not have so many surgeries.  I have had a few for adhesions when I could not take it any more.  Now I just try and hang in there.  My bowels don't work well and some times I think my body is poisoning itself and I have horrible bladder problems from adhesions.  Now I have developed new problems with my legs and ankles swelling up bad but I won't have surgery unless I have a complete blockage. Everyone is entitled to do what they want with their body but I sure don't like to see people have so much hope and then get worse after every surgery.  If people are going to have it, then go to a Dr. that specializes in adhesions. I realize that you have to have surgery with a complete obstruction.  Some times after a few days when my back hurts so bad from having the bowel problems, I am tempted to go in.  Hang in there. Kelly

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When you are in obstruction, it doesnt matter anymore.  THe last wonderful surgeon left a stricture in there and that has to be addressed and opened up.  As it is, Im emergent and I cant survive without eating or eliminating.  No one can.

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>I am not sure if you find another surgeon in Phoenix that you are going to
>get better.  You might be better for awhile but it will probably come back.
>I don't know if you have gone to a pain management dr to see if you can get
>I have been on here a few years and time after time  people just keep going
>for more and more surgery and are still in the same shape or worse.
>They are using spray gel in Germany.  I went there.  There are people that
>are cured and others that aren't.  It is a gamble.  I have the adhesions
>back but I believe that I am better off then if I would have went somewhere
>Please do not keep having surgery after surgery.  You will just keep
getting >worse.  Find who is using Spray Gel and try it or go to a good pain
>management dr.
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>>Can someone direct me to a surgeon[s] in Phoenix that I can contact to
>>see if I can get someone to work on me? Ive been thru 8 surgeries and
>>need another immediately.  I dont have the energy to weed out the 99%
>>who wont help.  Thank you, Shali

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