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From: Shali (
Thu Jun 7 20:09:30 2007

Well . . . you say you have had a few for adhesions when you could not take it any more. Yes, I cant take it anymore! I wouldnt be going in there if I could live with it. Yes, your body IS poisoning you, youre exactly right. And the difference between you and me is Im not willing to live like that; always chasing infections and illness.

You ask what is emergent; I previously posted I have a STRICTURE [for starters]. A stricture has to be resected. My bowels dont work AT ALL and I fill with FLUID. Its racking my mind to the point I do not wish to live this way. I havent been able to leave the house in a year; at this rate I will never leave it. If I have to go in every year to get a year's worth of relief, I would do it! It beats the constant poisoning that can only lead to greater illnesses. No thank you.

The last surgery, a double bowel resection, one of the sections was "twisted up like a pretzel" according to the surgeon. That may very well be the case again since wherever you resect is going to be a prime place for adhesions. My entire pelvic region was obliterated with scar tissue. It was a 3 hour surgery and still probably not enough. There was only ONE area to get a scope in to see what was going on prior to a laparatomy.

I would also try and hang in there, like you, if I wasnt close to total obstruction. It makes less sense to ME to wait until I totally obstruct only to be told there isnt anything they can do because the bowel is so wrapped up, there is nothing to work with. If they cut it out, you'd have no intestine left in a case like that. Not ALL adhesions can just be cut to release the bowel. Depends on what the adhesions are doing. It also makes no sense to collapse and die before I get to call 911. No thanx. Im not fond of skating death every day. I never said I had hope that any surgery was going to be the ticket to remediation. I havent seen hope at all.

You say if people are going to have surgery, to go to a surgeon that specializes in adhesions. Thats the very reason I posted I was looking for a surgeon in Phoenix to begin with. Im looking for a good surgeon before the vampires get ahold of me in THIS town. Totally inexperienced and they dont even want to see me. If I WAIT for emergency, NOW I GET a colostomy bag because they arent going to tend to the proper procedure for the stricture. If it busts, its a colostomy. Temporary or not, that will cost me two surgeries right there. No thanx.

My gut is frozen, paralyzed, stationary, being held in place. It feels like everything is adhered like in a prior surgery when my liver and stomach were adhesed to the abdominal wall.

Maybe other people have a life left to lose; I dont so it doesnt matter like I said; Im already in deep. Additionally, I AM working on changing body chemistry so scar tissue DOESNT grow, and if it all works, I wont need surgeries after awhile, hopefully sooner than later. We'll see what happens. Shali

Kelly Murray >Sent: Monday, June 04, 2007 1:30 AM
>Subject: Re: Surgeon in Phoenix
>What is emergent?
>What I am trying to say is I have been on this site for quite a few years
>now and I have seen it over and over people going through multiple
surgeries >to get rid of adhesions and they just get worse. And if they could, they
>would go back and not have so many surgeries. I have had a few for
>adhesions when I could not take it any more. Now I just try and hang in
>there. My bowels don't work well and some times I think my body is
>poisoning itself and I have horrible bladder problems from adhesions. Now
I >have developed new problems with my legs and ankles swelling up bad but I
>won't have surgery unless I have a complete blockage. Everyone is entitled
>to do what they want with their body but I sure don't like to see people
>have so much hope and then get worse after every surgery. If people are
>going to have it, then go to a Dr. that specializes in adhesions. I realize
>that you have to have surgery with a complete obstruction. Some times
after >a few days when my back hurts so bad from having the bowel problems, I am
>tempted to go in. Hang in there.

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