Re: pelvic adhesions need to know about pain management

From: Samantha (
Tue May 15 17:07:14 2007

Sandie, I feel for you, I have been in those shoes so many times. It is part of the disease, feeling helpless on occasion; we all have valleys we must endure. I am sharing my ARD story in hopes that it will help you deal with your life.

At 23 yrs old my ARD began with an Ectopic pregnancy caused from Endometiosis, I never conceived again, at age 30 I had a complete hysterectomy, at age 38 I was totally and permanately disabled from my asst director position and teaching at a college in the Houston area. I am now 42, I have had 39 surgeries total, 28 directly related to adhesions. I have gone through every medical procedure afforded to me from living in the Houston area. I now live in the TX hill country. I take methadone 3 times a day and toradol for break through pain. My husband and I just celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. There is life with pain, just as there is life without pain; it is all in how you manage it. I went through 4 pain specialist before we found the "right" conncontion for pain so that I could have some quality of life. I consider myself extremely blessed as I have a husband who is retired, he is my sole care-giver; I have disability income and insurance through my former job.

Everyone has a horrible story to share, we all know what you are going through and as soon as you embrace this disease and fight for a quality, I feel, you will be better off. I will pray that you get understanding of this disease, there is life after an ARD diagnosis, its just a tough road to travel; but you will make it, that I have no doubt!

prayerfully, Samantha

At Thu, 3 May 2007, Sandie garcia wrote: >
>I need help I can no longer live with the pain. I feel like a freak. No
>one understands how bad the pain can be. Today I had a hard time
>sitting at work because my pelic area hurt along with my behind side. I
>am sure the adhesions have spread again. Last time my bowel was covered
>with adhesions. I need to know about pain management. What might be
>the helpful medications, or patches.
>I have went 5 years without meds but I want to have a life and I need
>Also need to know what to expect from pain management doctor.
>thank you

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