Re: pelvic adhesions need to know about pain management

From: Deborah Smith (
Wed May 16 17:31:18 2007

At Thu, 3 May 2007, Sandie garcia wrote: >
>I need help I can no longer live with the pain. I feel like a freak. No
>one understands how bad the pain can be. Today I had a hard time
>sitting at work because my pelic area hurt along with my behind side. I
>am sure the adhesions have spread again. Last time my bowel was covered
>with adhesions. I need to know about pain management. What might be
>the helpful medications, or patches.
>I have went 5 years without meds but I want to have a life and I need
>Also need to know what to expect from pain management doctor.
>thank you

I know how you feel, I have had 23 surgeries, and I have needed one for awhile now, but I guess they are wantin 1600 upfront because my insurance didn't pay all of it last time because of bein out of state, but I have been on pain meds for awhile, they do help somedays, somedays I really have a very hard time even on my meds, I couldnt go without them though because my pain is so bad also, I havent had a life in many years, I havent even been able to be the mother I want to be because of this. I really wish that medical people would listen to the doctors that do know about this disease, and it is a disease, I have went to a few different pain docs and I am goin to someone I really really like she understand my disease she has looked up stuff on adhesions so she can try to help me more, I really think that you need to get in now to see someone so you dont lose your job and all your freedom like I have, good luck to you.

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