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Hi Linda,   You may want to try a surgical oncologist. Try physical therapy in an heated pool. This way the water does most of the work for you and the heat relaxes the abdominal wall. If you go to a pain management doctor you may want them to try trigger point injection, very painful but it does give some temporary relief. To me any relief is better than none. Also, you may to try some Floral Q Pro Biotic. Check it out on the Internet, Pro-Biotics help a lot with intestinal and abdominal issues. The Pro-Bio helped with the severe abdominal pain when eating. Discuss with your Doctor or Pharmacist. It is available over the counter, but is kept in the pharmacy department at most stores. Hope this help you. I have had over 30 surgeries and still have pain most of the time, but the things have helped some.   Good luck and keep the faith in God!   Rebecca Mitchell,  

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Hi Everyone! I'm new and I just found this site and I was reading so fast because I can't beleive I'm not alone.  I've had 3 surgeries the last in August 06 and I'm in Chronic pain my Gyno is doing another ultra sound to show me what is left of the ovary does not have a cyst.  He was supposed to remove it the last lap.  I had but it was attached to my wall and I was loaded with adesions so he burned it.  Adhesions are so bad I feel like I never had a hysterectomy and both ovaries are still there with cyst.

He wants to send me to pain management,I want my life back! What other kind of doctor besides a Gyno do you see.  I'm sick of test and non-beleivers. I'm so releived I found this site I can't stop crying.  I need a new gyno. in connecticut if anyone can help!                                     Linda

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