Re: adhesions - disability

From: Kristie (
Tue May 15 17:06:54 2007

I wish you luck. Me getting on SS was so easy. Maybe it's cause I have been mostly a stay at home mom and only get about 325 per month. But the thing that is driving me nuts is, my husband and I bought a new business. And the partnet gives his wife a check every two weeks. For nothing.......So he had to do the same for me. But, I do go in and work when I can. I called SS and let them know I was getting this other check and that I probably needed to get off of SS.......they wouldn't let me. Not for 9 months. I have no idea if this business is going to work or not. I was trying to be honest. I have had pain for 30 years now. Maybe that is why I got on fast. Or maybe it was the small amount. My PCP really helped a lot in it. I even have a handicapped Licence plaque. I rarely use it. But when I go to UCSF in San Fran, it saves me 30 bucks parking. Keep on trying and make sure your PCP really is there for you. Kristie Liston

>I applied for 1/05 and have thus far gotten through
>the first and second denials.
>My lawyer is confident though that I'll win at my hearing.
>According to Social Security, the hearings happen about 19
>months after the hearing application is logged.
>This is the standard turn around time in my area, in
>Washington State, your location may be different.
>Maybe I'll have a better answer in July '08...
>(And hopefully they'll get to my hearing sooner than that)
>Wishing everyone pain free days!

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