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I put off applying for a long time for SSD and finally I sent it in expecting a fight.  I didn't feel like going through the stress of it.  Low and behold one day I got a big check in the mail for back pay and current.  I was so happy.  It is not much but it is better then 0.  I think if your dr. gives them good medical records and when they have  someone close to you explain what the days go like for you, they okay it.  Good Luck

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>I wish you luck.  Me getting on SS was so easy.  Maybe it's cause I have
>been mostly a stay at home mom and only get about 325 per month.  But
>the thing that is driving me nuts is, my husband and I bought a new
>business.  And the partnet gives his wife a check every two weeks.  For
>nothing.......So he had to do the same for me.  But, I do go in and work
>when I can.
>I called SS and let them know I was getting this other check and that I
>probably needed to get off of SS.......they wouldn't let me.  Not for 9
>months.  I have no idea if this business is going to work or not.  I was
>trying to be honest.

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