Past adhesions and blockage.

From: Jackie (
Tue May 15 17:06:10 2007

Well I have posted several times to this website I guess each time I have had trouble with my upper gastric area. Last June I had a blockage which was removed. In february I had a severe bout of diverticulitis. Now I am having more severe upper gastric pain. Some that doubles me over but doesn't last for too long some is dull bad pains. My questions is since my doctors don't know what to do now, what do you all think I should do. Here is the latest updates on all my current tests: Urine Test: positive blood, bad bladder infection. Urine Cytology: positive blood Blood work up normal CT normal Pain under left rib cage to 2-3" catycorner from my belly button and on the right upper quad just under my rib cage. My blood tests have always said normal, but I know that I am having this pain. They decided not to do anything about my positive blood in urine but on several different meds: Synthoid for Hypothyroidism Reglan 10 mg for moving food faster Glumetza for Type II diabetes Protonix for GERD Nulev for stomach cramps Nothing for pain at all even ibuprophin doesn't work

so I guess my current diagnosis' are:

Diverticula Hoshimoto's thyroiditis GERD IBS

I have had several stomach surgeries and don't want to have anymore unless I can make sure I am going to be ok. I don't want to end up helpless on pain meds. I am wondering if there are more tests they can do or if I should just give in. I thought that maybe I have some sort of Autoimmune problems that are causing all of this. When I was having that sharp colicky pain and they gave me delauded and my stomach went nuts but the next day I felt better, but questions all the instant motility after given that drug. It literally hurt me bad, but then it subsided. Now I am having that colicky pain again, similar but not the same as when I had a blockage. So I am a little confused what this could be or where I should go next, the doctors said they cannot help me if they cannot see it. So now I am left like the others with constant pain in my stomach and nobody that cares. They probably think im going bonkers. STarting to think that myself.

thanks for all your input.


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