Re: pelvic adhesions need to know about pain management

From: Ann (
Tue May 15 17:04:30 2007


Hi, I am sorry you are having so much pain, but believe me I can feel your pain. I too have extensive bowel adhesions from endo and 5 abdominal surgeries. I finally gave up and went to pain management, but they have been a life saver. My doctor is very nice and sympathetic. You can expect them to try several drugs to see which ones will help you the most. I am on Dilaudid during the day and Methadone and Zanaflex at night. My doc just recently gave me something to help me to sleep, because that is the worst time for me. I wake up in the most awful pain and cannot go back to sleep. He gave me samples of Rozerem, but all I did was wake up every hour, but he will try something else. I did try the Duragesic patch first, but vomited for 12 hours until it got out of my system. I could not tolerate it, but let me tell you it really helped me with the pain but made me too sick otherwise. I think everyone is different in what will work for them.

I also have had epidurals and nerve blocks, which did not help one bit. I do not know about all pain docs, but mine is very strict. I have a drug test every 6 months to be sure you are not taking anything else you are not supposed to take, and you cannot get any pain meds from any other doctor withoug the consent of the pain doctor, so they are very strict. Anyway, I think you will feel much better if you find a good pain med that works good for you. I hope you feel better soon and feel free to email me with any questions or concerns that you may have.


At Thu, 3 May 2007, Sandie garcia wrote: > >I need help I can no longer live with the pain. I feel like a freak. No >one understands how bad the pain can be. Today I had a hard time >sitting at work because my pelic area hurt along with my behind side. I >am sure the adhesions have spread again. Last time my bowel was covered >with adhesions. I need to know about pain management. What might be >the helpful medications, or patches. > >I have went 5 years without meds but I want to have a life and I need >something. > >Also need to know what to expect from pain management doctor. >thank you

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