Whats new with pelvic pain

From: Kristie (extrafeetmom@yahoo.com)
Tue May 15 17:04:56 2007

Hi, I used to post here a lot.....but nothing ever seemed to work and it just got me more depressed. I see on here a few people are seeing a new doctor. Where is he? Has everyone just thrown out the Germany Doctor? I am so proud of myself.I just got off oxycotin. I was so misserible on it. I would just sweat and be terrible all the time. I am on the lowest Fentonayl patch and take Percocet for breakthrough pain. Some days I take a lot.....some I don't take any. I have good days and bad days......I am just wondering what is new for these bad days? My doctor in SLC Utah, told me to never have abdomenal surgery from just anybody.....that I needed to go to San Fran or the U of Utah....(I Live in California and I know Dr Sharp at the U of U is great wtih pelvic pain)........ Please, someone just give me an update on whats new......... Thanks so much and God bless Kristie extrafeetmom@yahoo.com

Let's be good to ourselves....Kristie

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