Re: pelvic adhesions need to know about pain management

From: Deborah Smith (
Tue May 15 17:04:09 2007

At Thu, 3 May 2007, Sandie garcia wrote: >
>I need help I can no longer live with the pain. I feel like a freak. No
>one understands how bad the pain can be. Today I had a hard time
>sitting at work because my pelic area hurt along with my behind side. I
>am sure the adhesions have spread again. Last time my bowel was covered
>with adhesions. I need to know about pain management. What might be
>the helpful medications, or patches.
>I have went 5 years without meds but I want to have a life and I need
>Also need to know what to expect from pain management doctor.
>thank you

Hello my name is Deb Smith and I have lived with adhesions for almost 14 years been on meds for around 6 now. I have went to so many different doctors, and I tell you what most of them tell me that the pain is in my head. I have been pushed away, I lost my job at Honda because of this been fighting SSD for 6 years they keep turnin me down because nobody will back me up. I did find a good pain doctor. I told her that I had, had 23 surgeries from adhesions, and she believed me. Well now I am in so much pain sick because my bowels arent working right. I had found a good adhesions doctor down in florida but his office won't let me have surgery again unless I pay 1600.00$ up front because my insurance didn't pay it all last time because of out of state. I couldnt make to many payments on it because all we have is my husbands income and we have 3 teenagers. I was on low doses of morphine at first, then the patch, which made me very sick the first month, then my husbands insurance changed and they wouldnt pay for them, so now I am on another morphine pill which is a high dose and make me sick well I have my days. I am always tired but it helps for awhile then they have to up it again. A pain doctor would be a good thing now for you because maybe they can help you keep your life that I lost along time ago. GOOD LUCK TO YOU, Deb Smith

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