Re: ADEPT - Approved by FDA?

From: Jennifer Bayles (
Wed Nov 8 19:55:45 2006

I've never heard of ADEPT. What is it exactly?

At Wed, 25 Oct 2006, Nancy wrote: >
>I've followed this message board for many years. I've had six surgeries
>resulting in varying degrees of success (or lack of it!). My last
>surgery was 3 1/2 years ago, and while my condition isn't perfect, I am
>managing my endometriosis with Lupron and the adhesions never returned
>as bad as after all of my other surgeries. After my earlier surgeries,
>I'd get 3-6 months before I was worse than before the surgery. This
>last surgeon knew what he was doing and it made a difference for me.
>However, I am starting to ponder surgery again to excise the
>endometriosis. Of course I'll wait as long as I can because of the
>adhesion complications that I have had in the past.

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