Re: Adhesions and Pain Management

Wed Nov 8 19:53:04 2006

I am without healthcare coverage at the present time. I know that this is the bulk of this 'stuck' situation my husband makes too much for me to qualify for health care (even discounted) through the state. My social security claim is out there - waiting on a hearing date now that they've denied my claim with some MAJORLY wrong information. (someone else's condition? or something) Thankfully this state will not allow a child to go without healthcare coverage period, so my daughter is covered! But until something happens - like my social security coming through or my husband maybe getting a job w/ less expensive benefits - I am ... stuck. Just got my doctor to reduce the dosage of neurontin so I could function a little better around the house, but - that brings much more pain. I know that he would be willing to try something else, but with new meds - he has to monitor me more closely and each visit is 100. which is pretty hard to come by when I am also spending 250. a month on meds.(With prescription assistance)

Thank You for your suggestions though, I am keeping a little list of these so that when I can afford to - I have this info already to go.


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