Re: constipation/bloating

From: Jennifer Bayles (
Wed Nov 8 19:54:02 2006

WHAT?!!! That surgeon is a total IDIOT! Can you go to another one? Constipation is a classic symptom with ARD patients. Just where does this idiot think the waste is going to go if a person is wholly or partially obstructed? Idiot docs like that just make my blood boil. <steps off soap box>

At Sun, 29 Oct 2006, jennifer wrote: >
>Has anyone had severe bloating and/or constipation caused by adhesions
>near their intestines? My mom went to a colorectal surgeon and he said
>that adhesions do not cause the severe bloating and constipation my mom
>is having. They do cause the small bowel obstructions, but not the
>constipation. He has done all the tests and can not determine what is
>causing her symptoms. He told her to try Miralax daily. She was on
>this before but it didn't help and made her very nauseous. Has anyone
>had to take this?

Jen in Houston

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