Adhesions and Pain Management

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Wed Nov 15 19:25:26 2006

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Neurontin may have patient assistance program. Zonegran does. Look at the package insert and call their 800 #. I am on disability and recieve some income from my personal insurance while awaiting SSA to come through but I am still eligible for these benefits. It's worth a phone call.   Marla in IL 30+ yrs adhesion fighter From: Subject: Re: Adhesions and Pain Management

I am without healthcare coverage at the present time. I know that this is the bulk of this 'stuck' situation my husband makes too much for me to qualify for health care (even discounted) through the state. My social security claim is out there - waiting on a hearing date now that they've denied my claim with some MAJORLY wrong information. (someone else's condition? or something) Thankfully this state will not allow a child to go without healthcare coverage period, so my daughter is covered! But until something happens - like my social security coming through or my husband maybe getting a job w/ less expensive benefits - I am ... stuck.

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