Re: Adhesions and Pain Management

From: Margaret (
Thu Nov 2 09:44:54 2006

There are a huge number of drugs that can be taken for pain-I've had good luck with the tricyclic antidepressants(amitriptyline, desipramine, and nortryptiline) because they modify pain preception. Some people on my other list are having good luck with a new drug called Lyrica which works just like Neurontin only with a lower dose. I don't understand why your doc is not willing to encourage you to experiment with all the different non-narcotic pain meds, till you find a combination with fewer side effects. There are so very many to choose from, sticking with one that keeps you housebound and addlepated seems silly.There is Cymbalta, all the SSRI's...the list goes on and on. Can you get a referal for pain management?


>I'm tempted to ask what others are taking that doesn't effect >them like neurontin effects me. I haven't driven or worked for a >year or more and it is driving me crazy being so dependant and >home bound. > >Hoping you all have more pain free days. > >~Jan

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