Adhesions associated with lower back pain??

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Sun Oct 29 13:28:56 2006

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Hi Lori, I feel your pain just like everyone who gets these emails. I do wish you the best. I read that you live in Riverside. That's a pretty small town! I actually grew up there and moved when I was 12. You might actually know my family, my grandmother's last name is Viall. I don't live there anymore so I don't know any doctors there but good luck at your next appointment!

Kim Hurst?? >
>Thanks for the suggestion.  I am willing to try ANYTHING that might
>help.  I have an appointment on Tuesday with a new doctor so I am
>anxious to see what he may suggest as well.
>Lori, Riverside, RI
>At Fri, 20 Oct 2006, Jennifer Bayles wrote:
> >
> >Hi Lori.  I've had quite a bit of success with this part of the chronic
> >pain/ illness spectrum by speaking with a pain psychologist.  I was
> >extremely skeptical, but my surgeon and pain docs both asked me to give
> >it a try.  I was very lucky to get a referral to a shrink that is very
> >down to earth and helps offer common sense suggestions.  She really
> >became a champion for me.  Give it a whirl - couldn't hurt, and it might
> >help.  :-)

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