Re: Adhesions associated with lower back pain??

From: Jennifer Bayles (
Fri Oct 20 15:10:41 2006

Hi Lori. I've had quite a bit of success with this part of the chronic pain/ illness spectrum by speaking with a pain psychologist. I was extremely skeptical, but my surgeon and pain docs both asked me to give it a try. I was very lucky to get a referral to a shrink that is very down to earth and helps offer common sense suggestions. She really became a champion for me. Give it a whirl - couldn't hurt, and it might help. :-)

At Mon, 16 Oct 2006, Lori wrote: >

Early on I was coping with the emotional/mental side >of this, but the past 6 months it has become increasingly more difficult
>to deal with. Does any one have any suggestions/help on how you deal
>with side of it?

Jen in Houston

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