Re: Adhesions associated with lower back pain??

From: Cindy (
Mon Oct 16 14:17:54 2006

It's intersting that youa re asking this because I am dealing with the exact same thing. I have horrific back pain and have just recently met with my OB/GYN about doing surgery for adhesions. My family doctor thinks I have abdominal adhesions which are pulling and causing pain in my back.

I also get a tremendous amount of pain once my colon is filled. I get pain on the outside of my abdomin during this time as well. I will be seeing a neurosurgeon to address my back pain and if he agrees with the adhesion surgery then I will address this first.

Please let me know what happens with you.


At Fri, 6 Oct 2006, Scheri wrote: > >Does anyone suffer from lower back pain with their adhesions? I'm also >having bowel problems but CT scan came back normal. I am relying on >laxatives for bowel movements and I am bloated every day. I would >appreciate any suggestions. Doctor sent me for CT scan and when it came >back normal, I heard nothing about my symptoms. Please give advice. > >-- >Scheri >

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