Re: Adhesions and Pain Management

From: Jan (
Sun Oct 29 13:26:55 2006

I am also one of those who has nothing 'showing up' but there is most definitely pain! My Dr. has me on a combination of neurontin [gabapentin] and vicoden. The neurontin does help with the pain, (if I accidentally miss it? the pain is worse) but the side effects for me, are pure hell. I have short/long term memory loss, poor coherence, poor communication skills - in short I am a stupid version of myself. And not in a sedated way. The vicoden assist - my Dr is closely monitoring my intake and while a low dose 3x's a day was keeping up pretty good, it is no longer.

I'm tempted to ask what others are taking that doesn't effect them like neurontin effects me. I haven't driven or worked for a year or more and it is driving me crazy being so dependant and home bound.

Hoping you all have more pain free days.


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