From: Teresa (
Sun Oct 29 13:27:11 2006

In 2001 I had a Hsterectomy for "extensive abdominal & pelvic adhesions". Since then I have had regular abdo pain, been diagnosed with IBS and got use o it! In March this year I got chronic loin pain in the left and my GP thought it was kidney stones, after extensive test it wasn't. I as reffered to my bowle dctor who did a CT (normal) and colonoscopy (my left bowel was "loopy" and difficulto scope & I have inflammation in my small bowel. The biopsy was inconclusive and I await further tests) However I am convinced my pain is from adhesion it is now in my left side, under my lft rib and round into my back. The pain is constant and at times even Dyhydrocodeine doesn't ease it. My GP says adhesions do't go so high, my general surgeon said, "maybe"

Who do I go to now??? I have been off work for almost 8 months and have no life, I am at the point of overdosing, perhaps then someone will listen?!?!?!!?

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