Re: Help for adhesions !

From: Margaret (
Sun Oct 29 13:26:51 2006

That is EXACTLY why they cannot remove mine-too dangerious. Mine were caused, they think, by inflammation of the liver. I had severe liver issues prior to my gallbladder removal. If you had any problems pre or post-cholecystectomy that could've done it. Bleeding post-cholecystectomy, a bile leak... Well it looks like we're both stuck with them! And get to be reminded of that fact with every breath we take (cue Police song LOL!)

Margaret in NC

>Do you have any idea what caused the adhesions between your liver and >diaphragm? While I've had many pelvic and abdominal surgeries for >endometriosis, c-section, appendectomy and cholecystectomy I have never >had surgery in the area where the adhesions are so I've no idea why >they've formed there.

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