From: debbie (
Wed Oct 11 22:09:52 2006

At Fri, 6 Oct 2006, Kelly wrote: >
>My name is Kelly I have had severe pelvic adhesions for 10 years and I
>just can't do this anymore. I have done EVERYTHING some of these crazy
>doctors have asked. I have been thin, I have been fat even more
>depressing. I have not worked in 1 year my pain is unbearable and
>doctors just think I am addicted to pain meds or I just need to learn to
>"suck up the pain and go on" yes this was a quote from a DOCTOR! I have
>had gastroenterologist do their work up-no findings as in no IBS,
>colitis etc. I have done all the diets changing what I eat when I eat
>the whole nine yards. I have had countless surgeries with about 3
>months relief then back to the same. With these surgeries I have come
>home with a catheter several time due to the doctor cutting through my
>bladder-dont get me wrong I don't blame my doctor for that-NOTHING IS IN
>I do not know how to do this anymore! Not only am I suffering my whole
>family is as well> Bless my husbands soul I do not know how or why he is
>even still married to me-I would not want to be married to me! My
>children (now in college) ask everytime I talk to them which is everyday
>"how do you feel Mom?" it is always the same answer. Now I just say "I
>am fine" it is just easier on me,my kids, my family and the few friends
>I have left.
>I do not know what made me write this today..I guess I was online
>researching another doctor that my doctor wants me to see and I found
>this site, read Dr. Wiseman's info and this is may be the only doctor
>WHO GETS IT! But I think it is too late for me I just can't do this
>My prayers and thoughts are with everyone who is also struggling with
>the Adhesion Monster as I call it I hope you find success where I have

Hi Kelly,

My name is Debbie, and I know exactly what you are going through. I have been dealing with the same problem since 1998. there for a while i was having surgery every six months due to the adhesions growing back so quickly. I have had intestinal blockages a couple of time had to hace some removed. The hardest thing that for me is trying to find a Doctor to help. My last surgery was in August 2004,and my cycle has started again with the pain, seeing dotors,more test with no out come, snd pain medication. My husband stands by me 100%. I really understand what you are going through and your family. just can't believe there are no dr's to help.

Good Luck Debbie

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