From: Becky (
Wed Oct 11 22:10:47 2006

Kelly, I am so sorry for your pain. My Mother has adhesions and we have been through many different chapters with her also. She had surgery with Dr. Cook in San Jose 2 years ago and got 1 1/2 years of relief and she is now suffering again. She needs to go back but is reluctant beings he didn't accept medicare and they had to pay out of pocket for his bill. This is a lot but the 1 1/2 years that she had without pain were wonderful and worth every cent! I am just writing to you to let you know that someone is praying for you. You sound at the end of your rope and I know what it is like to be there. There have been times when I have prayed that God would either take my Mother or heal her she has been in that much pain. I pray God will heal you too! God Bless Kelly!!

At Fri, 6 Oct 2006, Kelly wrote: >
>My name is Kelly I have had severe pelvic adhesions for 10 years and I
>just can't do this anymore. I have done EVERYTHING some of these crazy
>doctors have asked. I have been thin, I have been fat even more
>depressing. I have not worked in 1 year my pain is unbearable and
>doctors just think I am addicted to pain meds or I just need to learn to
>"suck up the pain and go on" yes this was a quote from a DOCTOR! I have
>had gastroenterologist do their work up-no findings as in no IBS,
>colitis etc. I have done all the diets changing what I eat when I eat
>the whole nine yards. I have had countless surgeries with about 3
>months relief then back to the same. With these surgeries I have come
>home with a catheter several time due to the doctor cutting through my
>bladder-dont get me wrong I don't blame my doctor for that-NOTHING IS IN

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