From: Denise (
Wed Oct 11 22:10:14 2006

I have wrote about my story on here before, so I am not gonna get into that part. I had surgery again, about 1 month ago, so the doctor could go in and take a look in my abdominal area, as usual I had adhesions, the biggest one was attatched to my bowel, as usual. I was pain free this time for maybe 2 weeks. I do not understand why the pain is back so soon and so severe. I think I have given up on ever being pain free again, and I don't think I want anymore surgeries, unless really needed, because nothing works. It is like these adhesions are a curse. I am going to see my doctor today, and I think I am gonna ask him to just refer me to a pain clinic. If anyone has any advice, my ears are open. Denise

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