Re: Abnormal Liver enzymes test again

Wed Aug 23 23:15:40 2006

Hi Christine, In 1989 I had my gallbladder removed and experienced pain and elevated liver enzymes afterwards. After many tests and a lot of pain, they found out that I had "Spinchter of Oddi Disfunction" The spincter of oddi is at the end of the common bile duct which leads from the gallbladder into the intestines. With all the gallstones that passed over the years, the spincter became hard. It is supposed to be like rubber,and open when a person eats and needs bile to help digest food. When it is hard it does not open and therefore the bile builds up, and causes pain and elevated liver enzymes. This problem is correctable. Talk to your Doctor about this possibility. The way they test for this problem is with a test called an ERCP. Of course this is only one possible explanation for your problem, but it bears discussion with your physician. Good Luck. Let me know how you make out..........Jeanne

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> Subject: Abnomal Liver enzymes test again
> HI everyone,
> In January I posted a message about my eleveated GGT test. Well they
> settled down to normal for a while. I had a test in June and they
> werenormal.
> I was rushed to hospital in July with what was thought to be an
> obstruction but there was not one found. They did the usual blood
> testsand my liver enzymes test was off the planet- not only GGT
> but ALt as
> well. I am now having weekly blood tests again and they are returning
> to normal. I am VERY tired and about 2pm I am needing to sleep.
> Yesterday I slept for 4 hours.
> MY Doc says I most probably got a virus which upset the liver. I
> askedhim about adhesions causing this and he said this was unlikely.
> I an expriencing a lot of pain on the left hand side just like I had
> with gallstones - only I do not have my gallbaldder anymore.
> I know if the bile ducts are damaged they can elevate LFT. I am also
> aware that this may be totally unrelated to my adhesions
> I had some replies to my last posting and would like to hear again
> fromthose who may be able to help.
> Thanks for listening.
> --
> Christine
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