Abnormal Liver enzymes test again

From: IAS Admin (tracy.joslin@adhesions.org)
Sat Aug 26 15:33:13 2006

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This may seem completely off the wall, but I know someone who had the abnormal liver test too, but does not have adhesions, turns out that diet played a huge roll in the outcome of the test, the person stopped eating (or drinking) any kind of fast food. If you are one for fast food (thoughwith adhesions i'll assume that like me, you rarely eat,much less hold down solid food.) you may want to try changing your diet or even seek out a nutritonalist. I have come to find that diet plays a huge roll in health. I suffer from adhesions as well and I have found that by using a blender, I am able to hold down small portions of liquified food. hope that this helps. God Bless. ________________________________________ Subject:  Abnormal Liver enzymes test again ________________________________________ Date:  Wed, 23 Aug 2006 17:59:06 -0500 >Sender: cvpetrie@xtra.co.nz (Christine Petrie)
>Subject: Abnomal Liver enzymes test again
>HI everyone,
>In January I posted a message about my eleveated GGT test.  Well they
>settled down to normal for a while.  I had a test in June and they were
>I was rushed to hospital in July with what was thought to be an
>obstruction but there was not one found.  They did the usual blood tests
>and my liver enzymes test was off the planet- not only GGT but ALt as
>well.  I am now having weekly blood tests again and they are returning
>to normal.  I am VERY tired and about 2pm I am needing to sleep.
>Yesterday I slept for 4 hours.

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