Re: Has anyone found relief from antibiotics?

From: Margaret (
Wed Aug 23 17:52:43 2006

Several people on my other list are on long term doxycycline for its anti-inflamatory pain reducting effects, which is apparently a separate thing from its antibacteral effects. Others have noted a similar response to Zithromax, cipro... Doxy is a *lot* cheaper than Avilox. I have minimal understanding of the science behind long term antibotic use. Aparently these antibiotics work as immune modifying drugs, like plaquenil. Since you're getting pain relief with an antibiotic, you may want to discuss your long term medication options.


I have been on Xifaxin and Avilox for about 2 months now >and (slowly) the pain is going away again. The pain used to go from my >left leg to my throat. Now it is mostly just the leg pain, and that is >also going away as long as I stay on the Avilox. If I stop, the pain >returns. Has anyone had this experience?

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