Re: Is this a bowel obstruction or what??

From: Jeanette Chamberlain (
Tue Jun 27 20:13:51 2006

Hi Kelly

It does sound to me like you could have a bowel obstruction or are on your way to having one. I know its a yukky subject but what color is the stool and are you vomiting? My friend at work had emergency surgery after having the same symtoms plus vomiting and a greenish looking stool. Are the cramps all over or are they in specific areas? Three days is a long time to have your symtoms so I think it would be a good time to at least call your advice

nurse or your doctor and tell them about the symptoms you are having. Don't wait, call now. I'm not a doctor but from what you are describing, you really shouldn't wait any longer to see if this passes.

I hope you feel better soon!

Jeanette C

>Sender: (Kelly)
>Subject: Is this a bowel obstruction or what??
>OK all i don't post very often but am alittle worried . Let me give
>some back ground info first . I had my first adhesion removed in 99
>second in 02 and then again last year , now last year the surgeon found
>my intestines pulled up to my underside belly button , which caused
>constipation ect. OK now my question I've had dirrhea now for 3 days
>straight with wave like pains and nausea , i know this is TMI but dont'
>know what to do , the stool is loose with pencile thin looking at times.
>But the cramping is so sever at times. Also i've went about 15 times
>today if any of you can help i would appreate it

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