Is this a bowel obstruction or what??

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Tue Jun 27 20:13:33 2006

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Kelly, It could be just a partial obstruction at this point, but maybe something else is going on. It would probably be a good idea to see your Gi doc or someone. Good Luck! Marlene

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OK all i don't post very often but am alittle worried .  Let me give some back ground info first .  I had my first adhesion removed in 99 second in 02 and then again last year , now last year the surgeon found my intestines pulled up to my underside belly button , which caused constipation ect.  OK now my question I've had dirrhea now for 3 days straight with wave like pains and nausea , i know this is TMI but dont' know what to do , the stool is loose with pencile thin looking at times. But the cramping is so sever at times.  Also i've went about 15 times today if any of you can help i would appreate it ty


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