Re: adhesions and bloating..

From: Kathleen (
Tue Jun 27 20:14:08 2006


I have had decades of adhesions due to a ruptured appendix and peritonitis--and later a hysterectomy from endometriosis. Numerous surgeries for lysis of adhesions as well. During the past 13 years I've had many small bowel obstructions.

However, doctors no longer want to do surgery to free the adhesions if they can help it. Thus far, the obstructions have opened after a few days with an NG Tube to suction and Demerol or Morphine. We all know what fun that is!

But I have good news! I have had no obstructions nor pains since I've been taking food and milk enzymes. For years I took BEANO and now there is a new over the counter called: Digestive Advantage Gas Prevention - One pill a day!

I also take Digestive Advantage - Lactose Intolerant - also one pill a day. They work! Now I can eat anything--in some cases you may need two pills rather than one. The bloating is gone as well.

I have learned that as we get older many people no longer produce the necessary food enzymes to digest certain foods that we had no problem digesting when we were younger. As a result, certain foods and milk products begin to cause gas problems.

As we adhesion sufferers know, adhesions plus gas can result in pain, bloating and a serious small bowel obstruction.

Also, have you noticed that older people prefer to eat their big meal at noon, rather than in the evening? They usually say they feel bloated if they eat a big meal at night. It's because our bodies become sluggish as the day progresses. All of my obstructions have been at night. May I suggest you eat your large meal at noon and keep the evening meal light. And take those food enzymes. I still take BEANO when I eat a bowl of beans or a big serving of broccoli, on top of the Digestive Advantage Gas Prevention pill. I don't want to take any changes.

Hope that helps!

~ Kathleen

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