Re: urine odor.....adhesions?

From: Odette (
Tue May 9 21:37:30 2006

At Mon, 1 May 2006, Jessica wrote: >
>I have a question. About 5 years ago I had a miscarriage because of an
>ectopic pregnancy. I ended up having to have surgery....when I woke up
>the doctor told me I had horrible scar tissue, lacerations, and cysts on
>my uterus....from a c-section about 2 years before the miscarriage. (He
>"cleaned up/fixed" my uterus) Anyway, my problem now is that sometimes
>(about once a day) my urine smells BAD, like rotten eggs. I've been to
>the doctor for it and they've done numerous tests...when the tests come
>back with no problems they can't tell me anything. (And the smell is
>never there when I have a urine test)
>So, my question is could adhesions/scar tissue be what is making my
>urine smell bad?
>Thanks in advance for your responses

Hi Jessica,

Even if i take my shower daily, i have once in a while a bad odor coming from either my urine or my vagina. I know it smells after i urinate so does it come from the urine or vagina, i don't know. It's just to let you know, you're not alone. Odette.

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