Re: frist post...please help !

From: Odette (
Tue May 9 21:37:18 2006

Hi Jackie,

We are May 8th, so you had your surgery today, i hope everything went fine. Just to let you know that i've been having endometriosis and adhesions for fifteen years. The last operation was in 1996. My pain is mainly in my belly, around the liver area but i think it's my small intestine, sometimes under the rib cage, my back, near my rectum and i have painful intercourse. I've had period of partial blockage with vomiting, headache and urticaria. I have to be very careful with the food i eat: Small portions, a lot of vegetables and fruit, no fat. I drink a lot of water, take colace as a laxative, take long walks and hope that it won't hurt and block. Well, i hope you will be pain free after your operation. Odette.

At Mon, 1 May 2006, Jackie Woods wrote: >
>I have been reading the post here for several weeks. I am due to have
>surgury on May 8th. This pain is so unbearable at times. I am worried
>that with my luck when they go it to check for adhesions they might find
>something worse. I would like to hear from anyone on this about the
>systoms of adhesions that they have to see if mine are the same.
>Food does not bother me,but sometimes it does hurt when I eat. My
>biggest systoms are in my right side and across under my ribs and just
>below my belly button.The pain will get so bad that I get sick and
>vommit. Sometimes that will help to relieve it sometimes not.It hurt so
>bad it make my back hurt and chest. In my case, movement is what will
>trigger a really bad attack with it. Seems to always be hurting but at
>different degrees.

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